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Our Services

Colour Coding

Tourflex Cabling Colour CodingOur manufacturing service can also offer colour options for connector bodies and locking rings. When using a large number of cables, whether it is a live gig or a theatre show, it can be difficult to discern which cable is powering which equipment.

Coloured connectors can be attributed to different equipment to make them easily recognisable and can be used to avoid cross connection.




Tourflex Cabling PersonalisationTourflex Cabling regularly produce thousands of cable assemblies per month. Many of these bespoke cables are made to order.

Customer branding can include RFID or Barcode identification.




Out-of-hours Sales, Support & Delivery

Tourflex Custom CableWe know the show must go on so we can deliver overnight and offer a 24 hours sales and support helpline. Call us 24/7. 




Laser Engraving

Tourflex Cabling engravingTourflex Cabling has the capability to provide customer personalisation by laser engraving, allowing the customer’s logo or other information to be etched onto the side of a range of connectors.

Engraving provides a permanent identification solution that will not fade or wear away over time.




Comprehensive Testing

Tourflex Cabling testing facilityTourflex Cabling has a comprehensive test procedure for every cable that is produced. Test reports are available on request.